Our feature “Off The Ice With” where an Oakland Hockey player answers questions from a variety of topics from Corey Hagood continues. This edition features Oakland goalie Parker Remelius.

Hagood: If you were not playing hockey what would you be doing? 

Remelius: I’m not really sure what I would do but maybe playing baseball or golf.

First time playing?

I learned to skate when I was three.

Have you played any other positions besides goalie and how did it go?

I used to play forward every other game in peewee. I wouldn’t say that I was terrible, but I was definitely always stronger at playing goalie.

Why did you want to be a goalie?

Being the youngest in my family, my brother and cousins would always make me put the goalie gear on when we played street hockey and I started to find it fun because they could never score on me.

How did you end up at OU and why did you chose to play here?

I was looking for somewhere where I could continue playing hockey while pursuing an education, and after talking with coach Parker I felt that Oakland was the best option.

PlayStation or X-Box?


Favorite Video Game? Are you any good?

NBA 2k22. I’d say I’m pretty decent at the game.

What do you drive now and what is your dream car and why?

I drive a 2010 Dodge Journey. My dream car is a Ford Bronco because I think they look pretty sick.

What is your dream vacation and why?

I want to take a trip around Europe because there’s so much you can explore.



Most embarrassing hockey moment? 

One game I went out to play the puck and fell. A kid on the other team took the puck and scored.

Most embarrassing life moment?  

When I was little I had what I thought was a toy phone and ended up calling the cops. Ten minutes later the sheriff knocked at our door and let’s just say mom and dad were not very happy.

Favorite sport besides hockey? 


Pregame meal?


Pregame Ritual?

I wear the same dress socks to every game.

Are you superstitious?

I do the same exact warm up before every game, but besides that I wouldn’t say I have too many superstitions. 

Favorite music to pump you up before a game?  


Favorite movie and why? 

Stepbrothers. The movie is a classic and is pretty funny.

Favorite TV Show and why?  

South Park. The show is hilarious and I like how they are able to turn any current event into something humorous.

Your hockey idol and why? 

My idol is Tomas Vokoun. I watched the Panthers a lot growing up and he would put up 40+ save games night after night.

Do you watch a lot of NHL? If so what is that team besides the Wings that you love?

I try to watch a game whenever I can. My favorite team right now is the Panthers because they have two stud goalies.

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

I was born in Florida.

Graphic By: OU Hockey Alum Joesph Guenther.