One of our oldest features returns “Off The Ice With” where an Oakland Hockey player answers questions from a variety of topics from Corey Hagood. This edition features Oakland goalie Calijah Hunter.

Hagood: If you were not playing hockey what would you be doing? 

Hunter: I honestly have no idea, I’d hate to find out.

First time playing?

I learned how to skate at 3 years old.

Have you played any other positions besides goalie and how did it go?

I played defense for a season, but decided to switch back to goalie when I tried to catch a shot instead of blocking it. It hurts a lot more as a player.

Why did you want to be a goalie?

Because nothing compares to the feeling you get when you hear the crowd cheer for you as a you make a save you probably shouldn’t have. In my opinion the goalie is the most important part of the team, but don’t tell the guys I said that (laughing).

How did you end up at OU and why did you chose to play here?

I was looking for an opportunity to keep playing at a high level, while getting a good education, and staying close to home. After coach Parker reached out I realized right away Oakland checked all those boxes. 

PlayStation or X-Box?

Xbox 100%

Favorite Video Game? Are you any good?

NHL 22. I’d say I’m decent at the game, if you don’t believe me just ask Conner Smigs about when he played me.

What do you drive now and what is your dream car and why?

2020 Buick Encore, my dream car is a Black G-Wagon and the reason why is because its not a Buick Encore.

What is your dream vacation and why?

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy because that’s where my grandma and her family were originally from.


Cal, quite the nickname I know.

Most embarrassing hockey moment? 

During a playoff game when I was 17, I was skating to the bench during the second period for a delayed penalty and toe picked right in front of the other teams bench.

Most embarrassing life moment?  

I bet my grandpa $1 that I could eat a tortilla chip covered in all the hot sauces the restaurant had. Long story short we had to leave the restaurant early.

Favorite sport besides hockey? 


Pregame meal?

Chicken caesar salad and a Powerade zero.

Pregame Ritual?

Hahaha there’s a lot, but my main thing is to go to the bathroom and splash water on my face and talk to myself in the mirror before the game and during intermissions.

Are you superstitious?

I try to walk a fine line between routine oriented and superstitious, but I can definitely see why people would call me superstitious.

Favorite music to pump you up before a game? 

Rap or EDM they both get the job done.

Favorite movie and why? 

In the crease, its not a very well known movie but from the age of 8-10 I would literally watch it before every game I played.

Favorite TV Show and why?  

Currently, Squid Game. All time would probably have to be Family Guy because I used to steal my dad’s DVD versions of it and watch it when I was little, also its just hilarious.

Your hockey idol and why? 

Dominik Hasek, I grew up watching him play for the Wings and loved the fact he didn’t play as orthodox as the other goalies and would do whatever it took to make the save.

Do you watch a lot of NHL? If so what is that team besides the Wings that you love?

I try to watch at least part of a game every night, my favorite team to watch right now is Tampa Bay, because of how dominant Andre Vasilevski is. Also, they’re pretty good at hockey.

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

My full name is Calijah and it came from a old school Hank Williams song.

Graphic By OU Hockey Alum: Joseph Guenther